Employee Rewards and Benefits in 2021 and Beyond.

Employee Rewards and Benefits in 2021 and Beyond.

How are you adapting?

Why is it important?

Employee wellness and safety is paramount to any business and organisation. Employees have risen to the challenge across the board and pulled together from kitchen tables, children’s bedrooms or garden sheds. Many employers have made contributions, from office chairs to fruit deliveries to Google’s £1000 home office allowance – and these have been great! However, and how positively businesses react to this is going to have a big impact on how employers are viewed in the future, there is still the same obligation to comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974.

There are both push and pull reasons for getting this right. In terms of push, it’s cheaper to maintain smaller offices and less prime square footage for organisations. Spend on traditional wellness benefits is less valuable or relevant for todays’ teams. And in terms of pull, most staff now want to have a more flexible work/life/commuting balance and are happier and more productive when this is achieved. So it’s a win / win to get this right for both parties.

How to do that? We are all familiar with the advice to have a dedicated workspace where you can fully engage, concentrate and contribute, and then leave at the end of the day. Some people have dedicated studies or offices at home – but even these lucky ones are likely to have one such room and two people in work – do they share the space? This isn’t always practical, for example if work is confidential or involves a lot of video or phone calling.

Rising to this challenge is Modulr Space Ltd – offering a plug and play, architect designed, brilliantly sustainable office space that can be dropped untethered into a small outside space or carried through a building and assembled inside a day.

They can stay as long as they are needed, and be moved to the next location as necessary. They can be leased or bought by businesses and are designed and constructed to last. Because they are classed as plant, investment is extremely tax efficient, planning permission is not required and if used solely for work do not incur a BIK cost to staff.

The office spaces are soundproofed so ideal for phone and video calls as well as confidentiality, are designed to be ergonomically optimised, are brilliantly insulated so comfortable to use, and extremely secure. They are premium spaces and they look and feel like it – as you would expect.