Frequently Asked Questions

1. What access to my property do you require to be able to construct my Modulr Space?

We require minimal space and can access your property through a side gate or even through your house.

2. What foundations do I need and are these included in my package?

The B2B Small Space units are un-tethered and have been designed to happily sit on their structural frame so there is no ground work to be carried-out.

For the larger garden structures we use helical ground screws. They are simply installed into the ground with a large specialist drill and usually completed in just one morning. They require no digging, so there’s no mess and no soil to be taken away. They can be just as easily be taken away again at the end of the buildings lifespan without leaving an unsightly concrete slab.

3. What are my options for heating and electricity?

Our structures are designed using highly thermally efficient materials such as

structurally insulated panels (SIP’s) and high-performance thermal glazing which means that our structures need very little heating and cooling. However, we do provide low energy heating to aid the natural thermal properties of our structures Power and data sockets and energy saving, high efficiency LED lighting is standard in all our structures and these are installed and tested by a qualified electrician. An NICEIC electrical test certificate is provided at completion.

4. Can I build my structure anywhere on my property?

Within reason, we can erect your building anywhere on your property under permitted development, but current planning law states that any structure built in front of the building line of the current dwelling must have planning approval. There are also restrictions on the proximity to existing boundaries which must be considered as part of the consultation with us. There are also separate rules for conservation areas, Listed Buildings and an area designated as an area outstanding natural beauty. As a team of Architect’s we can advise on all issues relating to site, location, planning legislation and the structures orientation to avoid solar gain and benefit from the best type of natural light. We also work with Advoco Planning who are able to help with any planning applications and issues.

5. Can my Modulr Space be used for any purpose?

Yes, you can use your Modulr Space as you wish – anything from a work space, yoga / fitness / music studio to a pool pavilion; the possibilities are endless! However, some uses may require planning consent or building regulations which we can deal with on your behalf for an additional cost. We also work with Advoco Planning who are able to help with any planning applications and issues. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be able to advise further.

6. Do I need Planning permission?

Typically no but this depends on the size of the building you choose, its use and your property location. In most of the cases you can order your Small Space/ My Space building and have it delivered and constructed without any planning at all. All of the Modulr Spaces have been designed to fall within permitted development. However, in some circumstances such as if your Modulr Space exceeds a certain size or if you live in an area with planning restrictions such as Conservation Areas, a listed building or area designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty then planning consent may be required. Modulr Space Ltd partners with FDArchitecture Ltd which, as an architectural practice – can advise on this for you and where appropriate carry out any planning application on your behalf. We also work with Advoco Planning who can help with any planning applications and issues.

7. How many people are involved on site during installation / how long will you be on site?

It depends on the size of the structure chosen. The larger the structure, the more people will be on site. The average site installation time for a typical (My Space) subject to site conditions is around 5 days. This would typically require 3 people on site. The design of Modulr spaces avoids any wet trades such as decorators or plasterers so this ensures that the structure is installed and fitted-out in a single continuous operation. You will not be left waiting for plasterers or decorators to arrive 2 or 3 weeks after the project commenced on site.

If you have ordered one of our Small Spaces for business we would be able to deliver within 6 weeks.  Installation is carried-out quickly, usually within 1-2 days leaving you or one of your team free to use immediately.

8. How long do I have to wait for my Modulr Space once I have ordered it?

It depends on the size of the structure chosen and whether any additional consultations (Planning / Building Control) are required. Typically (My Space building) from initial concept design consultation stage till installation completion takes 10- 12 weeks.

If a planning Application is required, conservation area, ANOB or a listed building then there are usually an additional 8 weeks required to obtain the necessary LPA consent.

9. Can I have my building designed to my specific requirements?

In some cases yes – As we work with FDArchitectue Ltd we can offer an individual bespoke design options to suit your needs – whether it’s a garden office, music studio, holiday retreat, a pool pavilion, new dwelling or something totally unique. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we will be able to advise further. Any design modifications to our units do incur a design cost which will be discussed on an individual basis.

10. What options do you have for accessibility or wheelchair users?

We have created one of our structures with improved wheelchair access at the forefront of our design and ‘Part M’ compliant covered porch: ‘My Space Accessible’. However, as we work with FDArchitecture Ltd we can adapt all of our structures to accommodate your needs. We have ensured through the design of all of these spaces that they can be easily adapted to be inclusive to all users.

11. What will my Modulr Space look like inside?

Designed to create the best working environment, internal walls and ceilings in all our Modulr buildings are finished with Camira or Kvadrat textiles as a standard (excluding Small Space Standard for Business where we only use Camira fabrics). These Textiles can easily be changed later if you want a different look and feel later and forms part of the sound deadening acoustic system that we provide. We offer a range of environmentally sound  floor finishes, and if you require a full internal fit-out including Vitsoe shelving and a work desk manufactured from Smile plastics then of course we can help you with this for an additional cost.

12. What are my payment options?

We understand that some customers will want to look at taking finance options for the purchase of our Modulr Spaces. We are able to offer finance packages to individuals through the credit broking company Kandoo. We are also able to offer leasing packages to our business clients through a finance broker.

13. If I move house – can I take my Modulr Space with me?

All of our Stuctures can be easily moved and easily modified to a different use. Re-purposing and re-use is an important part of our designs.

For the Small Space structure this is particularly quick and the units are easily dismantled and moved – if you have one of our small spaces for business that has been provided to you by your organisation, these are easily transported. Please ask your organisation to get in touch.

14. Are there any specific maintenance requirements?

Built to modern housing standards and in many instances exceeding these standards, our units require minimal external maintenance. This is particularly because of our choice of natural materials used.  Interior materials, man-made materials and fittings are equally durable requiring little maintenance yet we do supply a simple maintenance manual at  completion.

15. What areas of the UK do you cover?

We can deliver and install Modulr units Nationally.

Our units are manufactured at our Construction Partners facility in Hertfordshire. We try not to do too many journeys beyond the home counties to keep the cost and our environmental impact as low as possible. Therefore, we prefer to have a few installations in one area of the country at one time if possible so this may affect the time between placement of order and installation but this will be agreed with you in advance and options agreed with you. Installations outside of London and The Home Counties will incur a delivery charge.

Overseas supply is also available on request.

16. Can I install PV solar cells to my building?

It is possible to have them retrofitted by a specialist. The roof structure is designed to take the additional loads However, it will require suitable weather proofing details to be designed to maintain the integrity of the EPDM roof and will be subject to planning approval in all instances due to the increased height of the structure. IF you intend on adding any renewable energy system at a later point for example then please discuss this with us at the beginning, we will be able to plan for this in the ideal orientation of your Modulr Space so this can be later adapted