Ergonomic home offices engineered with businesses in mind.

Our offices and garden rooms meet the Health and Safety in the workspace requirements. Our solutions for businesses are also designed to be as tax efficient for both employer and employee as possible.

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Modul M1 Small Space Standard

From £25,800 + VAT

Designed for Businesses
Compact yet stylish

A new kind of personal workspace for a new way of working – ergonomically engineered and architect-designed for a new state of mind.

Modul M2 Small Space Premium

From £28,200 + VAT

Designed for Businesses
Small but exquisitely formed

An inspirational and stylish new way to work at home – ergonomically engineered and architect-designed for supreme comfort, efficiency and productivity.

Key Benefits for Business Customers

Specifically Designed for Business

If your workforce will for the foreseeable future be expected to work at home in some way – we have designed a solution specifically for you. At Modulr Space we believe that a hybrid way of working will become the norm for a number of organisations, with a mix of working at home and the office becoming the norm. We have designed a unit to ensure your employees’ well-being, ensures confidentiality and provides a dedicated workspace away from the distractions of their home.

Our B2B Modulr Spaces are designed to be cost efficient for business, with more employees working remotely – many businesses are looking to downsize their office spaces and thereby significantly reduce their running costs and business rates.

Our B2B Modulr Spaces could be considered as an incentive or benefit for many of your employees rather than a company car allowance which would attract BIK.

Tax Efficient for Business

Businesses who outright purchase or lease-purchase our Small Spaces for Business will be subject to capital tax allowance rules. Our Small Spaces for Business are untethered structures and in most cases will be eligible for up to 100% deduction under the plant and machinery allowances. Always check with your Accountants.

Tax Efficient for Employees

When our Small Space is used exclusively in connection with the employers’ business use. There is no taxable benefit in kind to the employee (subject to a formal agreement being drawn up by the employer and employee).

Health and Safety in the Workplace

Employers have the same health and safety responsibilities for employees working from home as for any other employees. If you have staff working from home, you must still manage the risks to their health from display screen equipment (DSE).

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Our B2B Modulr Spaces ensure where possible that staff are working at an ergonically correct position with our integrated desks. The Vitsoe Universal 606 Shelving System gives the user the option to work in a standing position if required. The units are sound proofed and provided with suitable heating and natural ventilation. The design allows for both natural daylight and artificial light. Shades are provided to prevent VDU glare. Cable routes have been designed in to avoid trip hazards. Ergonomic Task Chairs can be provided as an additional cost.

Serious About Sustainability

Enabling your workforce to work from home is environmentally sound. This can in turn play at part in your business’s own Corporate Social Responsibility policy. As pressure increases on businesses to reduce their carbon footprint then reducing travelling and your employees daily commute is part of the decision making process.

Our Modulr Spaces are designed using some of the most sustainable, environmentally sound materials available.

Materials such as expanded Cork, EPDM, Accoya, Kvadrat and SMILE plastics meet the highest standards of sustainability and in some cases are considered as carbon negative.

The SIP’s (structural insulated panels) ensure very high thermal performance of the structural envelope.

Quick Installation and Relocation

We aim to manufacture the B2B models Within 6 weeks. They are designed to be constructed as efficiently as possible – usually within 1 to 2 days. The fabricated sections are small enough in most cases to reach difficult locations i.e. small gardens with no side access.

Our units are also designed to be able to be re-purposed as required. If a member of staff leaves your employment then the B2B Small Space can be dismantled and re-erected elsewhere for another employee.

Lease-Purchase Available

We can put you in touch with a Third Party Broker who is able to arrange lease purchase for you.