Permitted Development and Building Regulations  – What you need to know

Permitted Development and Building Regulations – What you need to know

A New Partnership for Modulr Space Ltd

Modulr Space Ltd are delighted to announce a new partnership with Advoco Planning to be able to assist Modulr Space clients with any planning issues or advice. Through Advoco Planning we are now able to offer applications for a Lawful Development Certificate or planning permission for your garden room or building; should this be required.

In this blog – I attempt to set out a brief overview of what you need to know and consider when it comes to investing in a garden room or office in terms of planning and building regulations. Ultimately, it depends on your individual circumstances in terms of your property, where the garden room or office is to be located and its intended use.

If you are thinking about investing in a garden office or room, you will need to consider whether or not you require planning permission. Many garden room suppliers state in their marketing literature that planning permission is not required. This is misleading as there are circumstances where planning permission may be required.  

In a great number of cases a garden office or room can be built under “Permitted Development’ rules. Permitted Development rules allow certain forms of development to be undertaken without the need for formal planning permission. 

Permitted Development rules are quite complex and are governed not just by the building itself but also where it is proposed to be located. For example, if your garden has a highway or footpath running behind or alongside it  you may not be entitled to the usual permitted development rights.  Permitted Development rights can also be removed by local orders or by other planning restrictions which may have been imposed on previous planning approvals. .  For further information about Permitted Development the government website is a useful starting point. 

Many of our clients find this part of the process a bit unnerving and want to be 100% certain that they are abiding by the rules. By working with Modulr Space Ltd you can rest assured that we will be able to advise you correctly on such matters. Modulr Space Ltd has a team of Architects and we work with our Planning Consultant Partner – Advoco Planning who can look into this in detail for our clients where required. 

If there is any doubt you may wish to apply for A Lawful Development Certificate for your garden room or building. This provides defintive proof that your building work is lawful. This is not the same as applying for Planning Permission and it can be incredibly helpful when it comes to selling your home. Modulr Space Ltd are delighted to now be able to help you with this through our Planning Consultant Partner – Advoco Planning who will be able to advise in this and make the application if required. 

It is always best to be clear on whether Planning Permission is required. It is also a great idea to really consider how you intend to use your garden room or office throughout its life. Initially you may want to use it for an office space, but what about in 10 or 15 years time? Maybe you will want to use it as a retreat, or an artist studio, or how about a home gym or pilates studio.  By taking this into consideration in advance this helps us ascertain whether the flooring needs reinforcement for heavy weights for a gym or if building regulations are required if you intend to use it for additional sleeping accommodation. It can also save you a great deal of time and money for the future.

Building Regulations ensure that your garden room is built to the highest standards and is safe for occupation with particular reference to the spread of fire and energy efficiency.

Modulr Space Ltd aim to be able to provide the best advice and best product in order to give our Clients total peace of mind.