M2: Footprint 7.8m2 | External: 355cm x 220cm


Small Space | Premium

An inspirational and stylish new way to work at home – ergonomically engineered and architect-designed for supreme comfort, efficiency and productivity.

From £28,200 + VAT



Designed and engineered with ingenuity, this small but exquisitely formed personal workspace meets the highest ergonomic internal acoustic performance standards.

CO2 - Eco+


Reduces your carbon footprint using a high-performance insulated structure to radically cut heat loss and associated environmental impact.

Architect Designed


Designed by professionals for all year round use. Fully Fitted Out. Specification and use of high performance finishes with long life spans including Accoya and EPDM.



Superb insulative performance in every design detail: from HEMSEC SIPS-based construction and energy-efficient heating to healthy natural ventilation.

Meet Modulr.

Your stylish and sustainable personal workspace, conceived and created for a whole new way of working.

Modulr Space – now you can work from home with no need to compromise or improvise. As ‘remote working’ becomes the ‘new normal’, we think people deserve (and need) something far superior to the kitchen table, spare room or even the usual kind of ‘garden office’.

Designed by our top-flight team of architects and engineered by our structural engineers, our answer to that need is the Modulr range of garden offices. These are not just pretty spaces – each is a thing of beauty in its own right, conceived with creativity, comfort, inspiration and personal productivity in mind.

Modulr comes with impeccable eco-credentials too. Low-emission manufacturing processes and carbon-negative/fully recyclable materials, together with high-performance insulation, make them superbly sustainable in every detail. And because they don’t need a permanent concrete base, you can move them with ease without leaving a trace.

If you’re an individual working at home on a regular or permanent basis, this is the environment you deserve – and that true professionalism demands…
If you’re an employer planning ahead for the welfare of an increasingly remote-working team, Modulr offers an elegant, remarkably tax- and cost-efficient, ergonomically engineered and Health & Safety-compliant solution to the challenges of the Covid era – and beyond.

Designed for Business

  • Tax-Efficient for Business.
  • Conforms with, where appropriate the Health and Safety At Work Act 1974.
  • Ergonomically correct work desk included together with appliance plug sockets and a plug and play TP-Link Wifi access point.

Cutting Edge Materials

  • Acoustically controlled and fire treated internal ceiling lining by a premium manufacturer.
  • Accoya Clad external walls.
  • EPDM single sheet membrane roof – designed with 50 year lifespan.
  • High performance Thermal Glazing minimising heat loss.
  • Solar-Gain and glare control shades with metalised textile – 64% Solar Reflection.
  • Toughened security glass and ‘Secured by Design’ accredited security locks.

Plug and Play

  • Energy Saving, High Efficiency LED lighting.
  • Low Energy Heating included.
  • NICEIC electrical testing and certification included.

SmartBuild® Construction

  • No concrete slab or concrete strip foundations required.
  • Can be delivered prefabricated or in 5 modular sections to access tight spaces with very limited access.
  • Quick and Easy On-site installation – usually in 1-2 days and easily relocated to another property.
  • Planning – designed under Permitted Development so no planning required in most instances.
  • Modular Build – 71% PIR insulation relative to the mass of the structure.
  • Very low U-Value Calculation for thermal loss. The insulative value of our units exceeds that of those set out in Building Regulations for new build dwellings.

The finest high-performance, sustainable materials, sourced from across the globe.

A business conceived and designed by an established architectural practice.

Modulr spaces have been designed by a team of architects and engineers committed to the delivery of well thought through, skilfully managed and sustainable architecture.

FDArchitecture have put their principles of sustainability, longevity and long structure lifecycle at the heart of their designs – innovation with integrity. Since its formation in 2005 FDA have worked with many of the world’s leading brands including Giorgio Armani, DKNY, Selfridges, Intercontinental Hotels, Virgin Atlantic and many more.

We are focused on meeting our customer’s needs and have created architectural solutions which we feel may reduce some of the current pressures on our homes.

FDArchitecture Ltd continues to develop our range of home working solutions. Look out for our forthcoming designs incorporating biophilic design principles, bringing your workspace closer to nature.

Explore the Modulr range

Environmentally-friendly, people-friendly and simply beautiful workspaces – architect-designed and engineered for the new normal.

Small Space Standard

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Small Space Premium

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My Space

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