What is the future of the office?

What is the future of the office?

So much has been written on the future of office working post COVID! As a home office company that provides solutions to both Businesses and Home Owners – you would think that we would be sitting firmly on the remote working side of the fence!? Indeed, in a lot of obvious ways we are! However, we feel that though home working is a necessity right now, we are likely to adopt more of a hybrid way of working in the future. A way of working that will mean that some days people will be working in the office and some days they will be working from home. 

Jo van Riemsdijk Director of Modulr Spaces also runs an Independent Specialist Customer Experience Recruitment Agency called CX Talent Ltd. ‘What we’ve been seeing, particularly over the past five or six years is an expectation from mid – management levels up to the most senior staff to be able to work from home and flexibly as a matter of course. Organisations have been more open to staff working in this hybrid fashion before the pandemic. COVID-19 has simply accelerated this and now working from home for all or part of the week is an expectation for nearly all levels of candidate’. 

For businesses – allowing staff to work remotely means that they can get the very best talent for their businesses. Talent pools are really opened up meaning that rather than simply getting the best person in the local area for the job, you can get the best person in the country or even abroad if it means they only need to be in the office once every couple of weeks.

Since the first lockdown in March 2020 almost half of the UKs workforce have been working from home and there have been strong indications from some organisations that it could become the future way of working. Morgan Stanley’s Chief said that the bank will have ‘much less real estate’. Barclays boss said that ‘the notion of putting 7,000 in a building may be a thing of the past’. Sir Martin Sorrell said that he’d rather invest the £35m he spends on expensive offices in people instead! So it looks like working from home in some way in the future is here to stay.

Downsizing office space is clearly a cost saving exercise, and as we move further into recession as a result of COVID, cost will be a big driver for businesses. Our prediction for the future of office working will be that more senior staff are likely to be able to work from home for part of the week and rotate attendance in the office with their peers so that there are always Senior staff available. Young, and more junior members of staff are more likely to be in the office on a more regular basis in order to learn the job, generate ideas and socialise – all really important elements of being in an office environment.

Modulr Spaces offer businesses and homeowners beautiful, architecturally designed home offices and garden rooms. We have created a solution for businesses to be able to offer staff offices as a reward or incentive that is sustainable and recyclable. Our business solution offers great tax benefits to both business and employee and gives businesses piece of mind that employees are working in an ergonomically safe, sound proofed environment. This truly is a sound business solution to staff working from home safely and confidentially. To find out more – do get in touch! Jo@modulr.space.