Why Modulr Space Ltd are Happy to be specifying Smile Plastics

Why Modulr Space Ltd are Happy to be specifying Smile Plastics

In my series of blogs of why we have specified certain materials or used specific supplier for our Modulr Space structures, I can honestly say that I have been so looking forward to writing about Smile Plastics.

Smile Plastics is a materials design and manufacturing house transforming waste materials into unique decorative panels for the architecture and design industry. Smile Plastics sustainability credentials make them an ideal partner for Modulr Space. 

Inspiring more people about sustainability and recycling

Smile Plastics mission is to change people’s perceptions around waste. They use art and technology to unlock the hidden potential in recycling.

At Modulr Space Ltd we use Smile plastics Classics range to create our integrated desks. The Classics range are all lovingly hand crafted and though there is consistency in how the panels look, each one will be unique with its own distinct pattern.

The panels are composed by hand. They are 100% recycled and 100% recyclable and all of the classics range are made from chemically inert recycled plastics meaning no VOC off-gassing. Meaning that they are an ideal material to include within our Modulr Spaces as they are so sustainable and fit perfectly with our company ethos of sustainable architecture.

Since partnering with Smile Plastics since Modulr Space launched last year – I have been fascinated with how each pattern has been created in line with the different materials used for each design. Our customers are glad to understand what their desks are created from and understand that they can decide on any of the Classics range for their own desks.

The Dapples – Blue and Black

We have used Blue Dapple extensively in our M1 and M2 Small Space units to date. Look at the contrast of the Blue Dapple against the expanded cork – stunning!! 

The Dapples are created from chopping boards and plastic packaging. The Dapple pattern is reminiscent of a marble pattern – but equally others have described it as a cross section of a cabbage!

Grey Mist

Grey Mist is the most recent addition to the Smile Plastics classic range. It is perhaps my favourite. The photographs don’t do this material justice. It has a stunning almost translucent quality to it. It was inspired by walks in the Welsh Hills. Smile Plastics describe it as ‘A sophisticated material with an ice-line aesthetic and medium depth and translucency, let Grey Mist create breathtaking scenery for you, wherever you are’.

Grey Mist is created from a mix of waste packaging.


Kaleido is created from recycled cosmetic bottles. It is described by Smile Plastics as “A chromatic explosion made from upcycled cosmetic bottles’. On closer inspection you can see smatterings of bar codes and labelling – giving you an idea of the recycling journey. Kaleido panels have been bought by individuals as wall art. It’s stunning mix of colours make a bold statement and allow you to get lost in the design.


A stunning design that is also slightly translucent and reminds me of sealife. Ocean celebrates marine beauty. ‘The idea behind this design was to awaken people to the amount of plastic in our seas and by collecting and recycling waste plastic – we can preserve the natural world whilst also creating something lasting and beautiful for ourselves.’

It is formed from mixed waste packaging


Charcoal is formed from mixed waste packaging. Smile Plastics describe it as reminding them of ‘stargazing on a cloudless night and seeing the sudden motion of a shooting star or comet’.

Charcoal as a design sits very well within some of our interiors. We have interior designers on hand to discuss how best to create your own individual space and make it personal to you.


Unlike the other designs in the Classics range. Alba is not UV resistant, which means that it can yellow in the sun. We would not specify this material for our Small Space units which have an exterior shelf. However, we may specify for our larger structures with integrated space such as the My Space range if a client is keen for this design.

Alba is a very beautiful white / grey panel. It has been created by recycled yogurt pots. It has a marble like appearance with flecks of gold and silver. On close inspection Alba’s surface reveals fragments of yogurt labels or glints of silver foil from lids revealing its unique recycling story.

Which design to choose?

The hardest decision to make will be which Smile Plastics design to choose for your desk. Fortunately we have Interior Designers on hand to work with you to choose your interior for your Modulr Space. They will work to help you create a space that is unique to you and your requirements. Creating your own personal space – individual to you and using innovative and sustainable materials.

For more information about smile plastics and their amazing work please visit the website: