Working from Home and Improved Employee Wellbeing

Working from Home and Improved Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is about more than physiological or mental ill health – it’s about optimising the health of all employees, not just reducing the numbers of staff who are diagnosed with medical conditions. Employee wellbeing also extends beyond health, and into happiness as well, and job satisfaction. The government and those influencing public policy are encouraging employers to take employee wellbeing seriously. 

Allowing Employees to work from home is one way of improving their wellbeing. Obviously in the current climate employers and employees don’t have a great deal of choice in the matter – but moving forward it is definitely something that more organisations are considering. In this article we look at the pros of working from home.

  • Reducing Stress: Having no commute really does help keep stress levels down. No delayed journeys into work, traffic problems, cancelled trains! Some employees also find the constant ringing of phones, radios and loud office banter can cause stress. Working from home – especially in an environment specifically designed for working for you, can really bring down stress levels.
  • Better Work / Life Balance: Working remotely allows staff a level of flexibility in their daily routines. Without the lengthy commute – staff can plan their day and fit start times, lunches, breaks and finish times around school runs, doctors or dentist appointments, a quick run or even time in the gym.
  • Happiness: Allowing your employees to work from home has been proven to increase happiness in staff. Dell is one such organisation that has been leading the way on remote working for a long time now. They have carried out several research projects that detail time and time again that the ability for employees to work remotely have resulted in increases in self-reported levels of happiness. The flexible approach to working allowing staff to free up time when life demands it – make for a happier existence.
  • Loyal and Engaged Workforce, Increased Productivity: Dell also found that their workforce were more engaged and loyal because they were able to work from home which lead to a reduction in employee turnover and an increase in productivity. 

  • Physical Wellbeing: It has been found that when people are able to work from home they are more likely  to eat more healthily. People are able to exercise more. The reduction in commute times means more time for leisure and sport and less time travelling. Not having to leave so early in the morning to get to work allows greater sleep times – essential for health. Staff are less sick – eating more healthily, doing more exercise, getting more sleep, not having to squeeze onto crowded germ ridden trains and a reduction in stress all impact on overall health. Watch those sick days reduce!

  • Financial Wellbeing: Working from home helps save your employees money! Cost savings can be found on fuel, public transport costs, car parking, expensive lunches and coffees.

Our Modulr Spaces for Business are designed to enhance your employee’s wellbeing. They are flooded with natural light, have ergonomically positioned desks, are beautifully detailed with Kvadrat fabrics and SMILE plastics desks. Vitsoe Universal 606 Shelving is available as standard in the Small Space Premium or as an added extra in Small Space Standard. They are heated and are extremely well insulated and have natural ventilation sources built into the design. You can rest assured that you would be giving your employees the best working from home environment possible. 

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